Ballistic & Blast Resistant Glass Systems 


Frequently asked questions 

What is Stop Shot?
Stop Shot is the patented system that upgrades ordinary glass to security glass that can stop bullets and protect against bomb blasts.

What can it stop?

Stop Shot is tailored to meet the client’s exact requirements, whether they be intruder, ballistic, blast or a combination of all three. 
• A level 4 system is rated to stop a 9mm, 357 handgun. (G0, G1 rating)
• A level 6 system will stop a 7.62 calibre round. (R1, R2 rating)
• Our level 4 system has been tested (with 6mm glass only) to stop blasts with a blast over impulse of 10.1 psi.
• Because of the excellent results from the Level 4 tests, level 6 has yet to be tested.
• Our Level 2 system has been shown to hold up for between 20 and 30 sledgehammer blows before allowing access.
• A Level 4 system will more than double a Level 2 level of protection.

How Does it work?
It works by (1) applying a special proprietary polymer coating to multiple layers of glass to increase the tensile strength of the glass and (2) utilising an air gap between the sheets of glass to absorb the energy of the shock wave from the bullet or blast. Often the energy produced actually vaporises the bullet.

Why is it better than traditional bullet resistant (BR) glass?
The Stop Shot System distinction is that it is the only system designed to provide combined intruder, ballistic and blast protection in a way not offered by competitive products. Traditional ballistic glass is heavy and unwieldy and not suitable in a blast situation. If a blast occurs, BR glass, which can weigh up to 180kg/sq m, may enter the building in a block or in shards causing incredible damage to all within.

Stop Shot is ideal in applications where a combined intruder, ballistic, blast solution is desired. It can be tailored to afford the desired protection against the effects of explosive devices, bullets, and forced entry according to the perceived level of threat — even within different sections of the same building. The comprehensive solution afforded by the Stop Shot System is not available from any other product on the market today. 

How much does it weigh?
Glass weighs 2.5 kg per square metre for every millimetre thickness of glass. For example a 4 square metre sheet of 10mm glass would weigh:
4 m sq x 10mm x 2.5kg = 100 kg

Stop Shot uses multiple sheets with a MAXIMUM total glass thickness of 36mm. The equivalent rating for ballistic glass would be between 55mm and 72mm.

If site access is difficult please note that it is a lot easier to manoeuvre 3 x 12 mm sheets than 1 x 72 mm sheet. Ballistic glass’s weight often means that it is necessary to reinforce buildings, window frames and doors.

How long does it take to install?
In a retro fit situation we have had an installation completed within 48 hours and Stop Shot has had a full new-build system installed within one week of receiving the purchase order for the job. 

As Ballistic glass is made to measure it can take up to six weeks to prepare the glass for an installation and if the measurements are incorrect then the entire process has to be repeated as ballistic glass cannot be cut or worked with on site as Stop Shot can.

What about Blast resistant film?
Blast resistant security film is effective at controlling a low level blast wave but does not afford the level of protection of the Stop Shot System and cannot stop the flying shrapnel that accompanies a blast. It is the shrapnel and flying debris that is as deadly as the blast itself.

Will it affect the work flow within the building?
Stop Shot is extremely flexible in the way it is applied and installed and in some situations a considerable amount of the work can be done off-site. There are three or four distinct and independent phases to the installation process, each of which takes much less than one hour per window to complete. We can time the various aspects of the installation process to fit in with the natural work patterns within a building meaning minimum downtime for the workers within. It is not a noisy process and as long as we can access the windows then normal work can continue around our installers.

In comparison, the installation of ballistic glass means that the existing windows have to be removed, opening the office to the elements and security threats and turning the building into a construction site. The floors, walls or other parts of the structure may need to be strengthened to cope with the extra weight. All this may take up to 6 weeks to complete, adding considerably to the cost of the process.

Can the Stop Shot system be upgraded?
Stop Shot can easily be upgraded as the security situation changes. A Level 2 intruder system can be turned into a Level 4 ballistic system and upgraded further to provide up to R2 (7.62 calibre) rating.

It is also important to note that Stop Shot can be applied incrementally as budgets allow. 
To upgrade a ballistic glass system the existing glass needs to be discarded and entirely new glass needs to be installed.

What does a Stop Shot system look like?
Basically, Stop Shot can look any way you would desire. We have done installations that have matched the existing walnut panelling or fitted into the heritage requirements of the building. This can make staff feel less confined and uncomfortable whilst providing the confidence that they are protected. It also makes it difficult for criminal or terrorist elements to assess the level of security installed.

This is something that is not possible with conventional bullet resistant products. It is very difficult to hide something that is that thick and heavy.

Does Stop Shot meet formal standards?
Stop shot has been extensively tested and has met all the major international standards applicable for ballistic and blast resistant glass panels. Our testing program is continuous and we are currently undergoing some major testing for both ballistic and blast.

It is endorsed by the Security Construction Equipment Committee and included in the SCEC catalogue which is produced by the Australian Security and Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) for use in all Australian government buildings.

• Our system has been comprehensively tested in Australia and meets Australian Standard A/NZS2343 for bullet resistant glazing.
• Our system has been tested against USA National Institute of Justice standard for ballistic resistant materials, NIJ 0108.01, in the USA and has been proven to protect against up to Level III, which is 7.62 calibre bullets. (Highest level below Armour Piercing)
• Our System meets UK standard BS 5051 and protects up to an R2 rating which is the 7.62 calibre bullets.

• GSA (USA Government Services Association) Blast Standards. Achieved Level 2 safety status for a blast of 500 lb of TNT at 140 feet. Level 2 is defined “Glazing cracks, but remains in frame. No shards are generated downstream of the test specimen”.
• European Hazard standard rating of “Break Safe Band Rating” for a blast of 500 lb of TNT at 140 feet.
• GSA (USA Government Services Association) Blast Standards. Achieved Level 4 safety status for a blast of 1000 lb of TNT at 154 feet. Level 4 is defined “Glazing cracks and glass shards are generated downstream of the window test specimen. Glass shards impact the back wall of the test witness room, but all impacts are less than 0.5 metre from the floor.” This was achieved with only 6mm plate glass.
• European Hazard standard rating of “Low Hazard Band Rating” for a blast of 1000 lb of TNT at 154 feet.

Where is the Stop Shot system used?
The Stop Shot system is applicable in any area that glass exists and is under a potential threat from attack. This may include threat from crime, terrorism, vandalism or even violent weather or industrial accidents.

Sites that are suited for the Stop Shot system include airports, banks, embassies, Police stations, media areas, icon buildings, key infrastructure, prisons, watch houses, cash points and industrial machinery areas.

What else can it do?
Stop Shot can incorporate decorative finishes, graphical logo’s, solar control, privacy and even electromagnetic interference protection.