Ballistic & Blast Resistant Glass Systems 


StopShot system advantages over traditional products

Why is it better than traditional bullet resistant (BR) glass?

The Stop Shot distinction is that it is the only system designed to provide combined intruder, ballistic and blast protection in a way not offered by competitive products. If a blast occurs, traditional ballistic glass, which can weigh up to a massive 180kg/sq m, may enter the building in a block or in shards causing incredible damage to all within.

1) Stop Shot saves money by causing minimal disruption to the workflow within a building and exposing the building to the elements (and security threats) during the installation process. 

2) Stop Shot can react quickly to meet your immediate security needs and provide you with a long term solution in today’s rapidly changing security environment. 

• There is very little lead-time for installations. We had a system installed in one Australian Police station 48 hours after it was attacked. It could have taken more than six weeks with conventional bullet resistant glass.

• A system can be easily upgraded as security threats change or applied incrementally as budgets allow:

Low level Intruder --> Low-level ballistic/blast --> high-level Intruder/ballistic/blast.

• Stop Shot will last much longer in harsh conditions than conventional ballistic glass as it will not delaminate. Stop Shot has a 10 year warranty against degradation.3) Stop Shot’s unobtrusive look makes it more difficult for criminal or terrorist elements to assess the level of security installed and is essential where heritage buildings are being protected. This also improves the working conditions for staff by providing a non threatening work space and matching existing décor.

4) Extra construction work does not usually need to be undertaken as Stop Shot is up to 50% lighter. Buildings, window frames and doors do not have to be specially strengthened.

5) Stop Shot can increase the security of staff by reducing the ability of criminal or terrorist elements to see into the building whilst maintaining outward vision.

6) Stop Shot can reduce the risk of electronic eavesdropping by protecting against Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI).

7) Stop Shot will decrease building heating and cooling costs.

Stop Shot is ideal in applications where a combined intruder, ballistic, blast solution is desired. It can be tailored to afford the desired protection against the effects of explosive devices, bullets, and forced entry according to the perceived level of threat — even within different sections of the same building. The comprehensive solution afforded by the Stop Shot System is not available from any other product on the market today.